TheBubbleClub: the new, modern, standard for event-organization.

Have you ever been to one of those beautiful and stylish clubs around the world? Super entertainment, superb sound, high quality service, stylish staff and marvelous decor?
Offering you the ambiance of the great clubs around the world, at a location of your choice, The BubbleClub offers a ready-to-go package for a fixed price, which only few can deliver!

Providing fixed packages, designed for you to breathe in the atmosphere of the metropolitan cities they were modeled on, enables us to provide a very high  quality standard for events – starting from only 200 pax (persons).

What do you need to have a good event nowadays?? Good, healthy and exciting food, some cool drinks, good  music, tasteful decoration, great furniture and you of course! Now you can have all of this in one event where everything is at its best!

Choose your Location, BubbleClub and what districts you might want to add and your event is ready to start!

No hassle with extra costs afterwards or huge management fees!

Welcome to TheBubbleClub!!


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